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Photo by BC photographer Ursula I Abresch

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GLASS: Glass is created by fusing silicates and other minerals to produce color. The color of glass can be used in color healing in conjunction with crystal healings.

TIN: Encourages us to realize our dreams. Inspiration and creativity. Promotes enthusiasm, tolerance, trust and a friendly attitude. Aids healing in the areas of the nervous system, respiratory tract and liver function. Tin can assist in cleansing areas of the body that have become infected or diseased. This metal is found in our Gemstone Expressions products and is used together with silver in the solder.

SILVER: Promotes the receptive, mediumistic side of our nature. Harmonizes our inner life rhythms with the cycles of nature. Stimulates imagination. Aids healing in the areas of the nervous system and inner organs. Encourages fertility in women, eases headaches (especially the left side); balances the body and rids dizziness.

AGATE: Promotes grounding, protection, security; balances aura, spiritual growth; stimulates precision and perceptiveness, concentration and memory. Aids healing in the areas of the stomach (including gastritis and ulcers), eyes, digestion, bladder and skin.

AMAZONITE: Promotes confidence; aligns physical body; develops personal truth; dispels negative energy; is soothing and calming; restores spiritual faith; dissolves sadness and grief; improves self-expression. Aids healing in the areas of the nervous system, thyroid, liver and brain.

AMBER: The Purifying and cleansing stone. Promotes inner peace and joy, freedom, desire, growth, good luck, enlightenment, happiness, wisdom, flexibility, creativity, uplifting, mental clarity, faith; balances moods and enables confidence. Aids healing in the areas of the stomach, gall bladder, soothes nerves, kidneys, teeth and joint problems.

AMETHYST: Enhances divine connection; great meditation tool; promotes spiritual inner peace, honesty, concentration; stimulates inspiration, stability and strength; helps control addictive habits. Aids healing in the areas of the ears, bones, lungs, digestive system, respiratory tract, skin, diarrhea, swelling; encourages sobriety, relieves headaches and eases minor aches and pains.

APACHE TEARS (SMOKY OBSIDIAN): Grounding and protection stone. Relieves pain from grief and sorrow. Sheds barriers that hold us back. Aids healing in the areas of muscle spasms and eliminates toxins from the body. Eases pain.

APATITE: Energizes, instills motivation, eases anger and allows self-expression. Encourages healing in the areas of broken bones and bone growth, teeth, cell growth and joints. Promotes healthy eating habits.

AQUAMARINE: Promotes tranquility, direction, vision, peace, love, understanding, creativity, spiritual growth, clairvoyance, success; removes confusion and releases bad energy; uplifting. The calming and strengthening stone. Awakens truth and dispels illusions. Aids healing in the areas of allergies (especially hay fever), the immune system, eyes, hormones, and harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid gland.

ARAGONITE: Promotes flexibility, calmness, peaceful meditation, uplifting emotions; balances ying/yang. Stimulates muscle activity, strengthens immune system and helps with digestion.

AVENTURINE: Promotes growth, optimism, determination, prosperity, abundance, relaxation, recovery, enthusiasm and tolerance. Releases emotional stress; all around healer. Encourages regeneration of the heart, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol, heals skin, and alleviates pain and allergies.

AZURITE: Promotes deeper insight, alertness, assertive communication; reduces depression and anger. Stimulates liver function, detoxifies, stimulates brain and nerve activity, promotes cell growth and activates the thyroid.

BLOODSTONE: The Stone of Courage. Promotes protection, grounding, calming and wealth; eases irritability and impatience. Also revitalizes flexibility. Aids healing in the areas of blood circulation, menstrual cramps, immune system; detoxifies.

BLUE LACE AGATE: The stone of Bliss. Promotes peace, patience and nurturing; uplifting, inspiring, creativity, tranquility, cooling and highly spiritual. Aids healing in the areas of arthritis; strengthens bones; helps digestion, stimulates nervous system and reduces growths.

CALCITE: Promotes stability, energy, success, spontaneity and tranquility; amplifies memory. Stimulates metabolism, cell growth; fortifies immune system; normalizes heart rhythm; strengthens heart and bones; reduces blood clotting.

CARNELIAN: Promotes action, courage, helpfulness; stops confusion, inner attunement, cleanses, purifies, opens the heart, lifts emotions, protects from envy and fear and provides perceptiveness. Aids healing in the areas of gall bladder, kidney function, infertility, rheumatism and relieving cramps; stimulates the absorption of vitamins; ensures good blood circulation.

CELESTITE: Promotes gentleness, serenity, spiritual connection; soothes nerves and relieves stress. Aids healing in the areas of hearing and digestion; eliminates toxins and is used to treat eye disorders.

CERUSSITE: Comfort stone. Helps us to be centered, confident, capable and versatile amidst life's challenges. Promotes growth of higher self, graciousness and communication. Aids healing in the areas of insomnia and strengthens inner organs.

CHAROITE: Enhances relaxation, magic and mystery, and ability to cope with changes; promotes determination, spontaneity, drive and decision making. Aids healing in the areas of cramps; encourages metabolism; calms nerves and alleviates pain.

CHIASTOLITE (CROSS STONE): Helps with problem solving; dispels negativity; offers stability and creativity. Aids healing in the areas of slow movement, paralysis and acid problems.

CHRYSOBERYL: Promotes leadership and independence; encourages self-discipline, self-worth, self-control, ambition, and prosperity; relieves nightmares. Aids healing in the areas of liver fortification and inflammations of the chest.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Soothing and relaxing; promotes patience, flexibility, self-awareness, acceptance of change; and encourages clarity. Aids healing in the areas of infections (particularly throat and tonsils), digestion, and liver function; reduces fever; heals burns faster; lowers blood pressure.

CHRYSOPRASE: Angelic; promotes alertness, well-being, independence, quick-wittedness; encourages beauty, love, wisdom, spiritual faith and generosity. Relieves depression, sexual imbalance and anger. Aids healing in the areas of skin diseases and is detoxifying. Anti-depressant aids in fluctuating mood swings. Also stimulates liver function and fertility.

CITRINE: Aura cleansing; promotes mental and emotional clarity; encourages manifestation; Alignment with ones self; Lifts the spirit and soul. Optimizes memory, understanding, prosperity, recovery, growth, hope, willpower and confidence. Also reduces depression. Aids healing in the areas of food disorders, stomach and bladder problems; fights diabetes.

CORAL: Soothing; energizes emotions, intuition, and imagination. Aids healing in the areas of reproductive system, regeneration of tissue; and strengthens bones and spine.

DANBURITE: Radiates love and spirituality; cleansing and purifying. Brings truth, honesty and opens the mind. Aids healing in the areas of the liver and gall bladder; also removes toxins; general healing tool.

DIAMOND: Enhances power, strength, courage, prosperity, clarity, and generosity; encourages logical thinking and problem solving over crisis, fear and depression. Aids healing in the areas of the brain, nervous system, sensory organs and hormonal glands.

DIOPSIDE: Promotes love, commitment, trust, humbleness. Aids healing in the areas of the heart, lungs, physical weakness, psychological disorders, and eliminates muscle spasms.

DIOPTASE: Promotes forgiveness, abundance, self-awareness; heals sadness and abuse; bestows vivid dreams and hope; sheds light on our own capabilities; helps us realize our ambitions. Aids healing in the areas of the liver, cramps, chronic headaches and alleviates pain.

DOLOMITE: Promotes stability, balance, self-realization; soothes heartache, loneliness and anxiety. Aids healing in the stabilizing of general health, blood circulation, the heart and stimulates metabolism.

DUMORTIERITE: Promotes accomplishments, positive attitude, courage, trust and helps us cope with panic and fear. Aids healing in the areas of nausea, vomiting, cramps, colic, diarrhea, skin irritations, epilepsy, headaches and addictions.

FLUORITE: Promotes self-confidence, free spirit, creativity; inventive, aura cleansing, and opens the subconscious. Angelic whispers, inner vision, advancement in universal principles. Aids healing in the areas of skin regeneration, repels colds, helps ulcers, fortifies the bones and teeth; improves posture, arthritis and allergies.

GARNET: Promotes new beginnings, sexuality, prosperity; ends crisis; helps cope with daily problems; feminine strength, compassion, courage, attraction; eliminates energy blocks and taboos; encourages self-confidence and creativity. Aids healing in the areas of cell regeneration, immune system, arthritis and bones; accelerates wound healing, stimulates metabolism and circulation; anti inflammatory.

HEMATITE: Manifests light; encourages survival and energizes; strengthens the will; bestows vitality and desire. Aids healing in the areas of iron absorption and improves oxygen supply to the body; fortifies blood circulation, helps insomnia, general health stabilizer.

HOWLITE: Calming, loving; absorbs stress, tension and anxiety. Dispels selfishness and confrontations. Aids healing in the areas of balancing calcium levels in teeth and bone structure.

IOLITE: Encourages simplicity, imagery, peace, higher awareness; aligns the aura; stimulates spiritual being. Aids healing in the areas of addictions and sobriety; reduces fever; lessens fatty deposits and rids the body of toxins.

JADE: Promotes determination, self realization, spirituality; bestows inner peace and balance, calms irritability, reduces emotional and mental stress; stimulates ideas and promotes readiness. Aids healing in the areas of kidney function; also improves response and reaction times.

JASPER: Promotes courage, willpower, imagination, grounding; reduces stress and conflicts; stimulates energy. Aids healing in the areas of influenza, intestinal problems, digestion and diseases of the sexual organs.

KUNZITE: Promotes gratitude, joy, dedication, inspiration, humility and intuition. Restores memory and heals depression. Enhances psychic ability and meditation. Aids healing in the areas of epilepsy, sensory organs and dissolves tension in the heart.

KYANITE: Aligns chakras immediately; bestows foresight, tranquility, tolerance, psychic ability, meditation and communication. Aids healing in the areas of the muscular system, epilepsy, sensory organs, throat and brain.

LABRADORITE: Promotes depth of feeling, calmness, intuition; enhances magic and mediumistic abilities. Aids healing in the areas of gout, colds, rheumatic fever, feeling cold, and lowers blood pressure.

LAPIS LAZULI: Promotes self-knowledge, abundance, wisdom, honesty and communication. The stone of friendship. Releases tension and anxiety and enhances psychic ability. Aids healing in the areas of the neck, larynx, and vocal chords. Also lowers blood pressure and regulates the thyroid gland.

LARIMAR: Promotes nurturing, inner peace, tranquility, faith, belief; soothes fear, depression and the fear of change. Also stimulates self-healing and constructive thinking. Aids healing in the areas of the chest, neck and head. Also stimulates brain activity.

LEPIDOLITE: Promotes independence, acceptance, harmony, joy, feminine power, emotional and mental balance, calmness, and protection from outer influences. Aids healing in the areas of the immune system and joint problems. Stimulates skin and connective tissues.

MALACHITE: Promotes willpower, adventure, sensuality, beauty, desire, friendship, determination, justice and rids shyness. Excellent balancer on all levels. Brings good luck and relieves mental and emotional blocks. Aids healing in the areas of sexual and menstruation problems; dissolves cramps; and promotes cell growth.

MOONSTONE: Increases clairvoyance and depth of feeling and love; balances life cycles (ying yang); encourages lucid dreams and better intuition. Aligns emotions with higher self. Female power stone. Brings good fortune. Aids healing in the areas of menstrual cramps and balances internal hormone cycles to enhance fertility in women.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Although not a gemstone, it's healing properties are a peaceful healing energy from the sea. Relaxes, soothes emotions, sensitivity and stress.

MORGANITE: Awakens love of life, balance and success; creates space for leisure; amplifies ambition and self-esteem. Aids healing in the areas of stress related illnesses, such as heart problems, nervousness, vertigo, impotence and joint problems.

MOSS AGATE: Earth Stone. Helps us start anew; grounding, liberating and inspirational; prevents stress and loosens fear; bestows confidence, tolerance, trust, hope, communication and a connection to nature. Refreshes the soul. Aids healing in the areas of the immune system, influenza, swelling of lymph nodes, fever reducer and anti-inflammatory.

NEPHRITE: Protection against hostile influences; bestows certainty; brings inner peace; encourages tolerance; dissolves doubt and senseless brooding; reduces tension and restores energy. Aids healing in the areas of kidney infections and kidney stones.

OBSIDIAN: Provides spiritual protection; purifying; dissolves fear, shock, trauma, pain, tension and energy blocks. Enhances inner vision and protection. Connects mind with emotion; grounds physical energy into the physical plane. Aids healing in the areas of blood circulation, warming of the extremities and accelerates wound healing.

ONYX: Promotes assertiveness, concentration, confidence, grounding; stimulates logic and communication. Also sharpens sense of hearing. Aids healing in the areas of the inner ear, eye weaknesses and the immune system.

OPAL: Gives joy to life and love; enhances desire, eroticism, good luck, sexuality; helps relieve anxieties. Bestows angelic dreams and harmony. Excellent health stone because it gives us the will to live. Aids healing in the area of the sexual organs.

PEARL: Symbol of pure heart, innocence, faith; balances emotions. Aids healing in the areas of digestive disorders; increases fertility.

PERIDOT: Rejuvenation and Restoration Stone. Promotes independence, cleansing, energizing, prosperity, personal growth, friendship, forgiveness; eases anger. Aids healing in the areas of skin problems, liver function, warts; stimulates metabolism and detoxifies.

PREHNITE: Accepting; encourages analytical thinking; dispels unpleasant memories. Aids healing in the areas of toxin removal; stimulates fat metabolism and regenerates the body.

PYRITE: Clarifying and grounding; allows us to accept change; promotes self-relaxation; stops confusion and provides openness and honesty; male power. Aids healing in the areas of balancing the body's acids and alleviating pain.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: The Most Powerful Healing Stone. Amplifies the energy of all stones; purifying. Promotes spiritual healing, peace, intuition, creativity, balance, clarity, perceptiveness and understanding. Recalls forgotten memories, solves problems, dispels negativity, finds capabilities we thought we had lost. Aids healing in the areas of revitalization of parts of the body that lost feeling, are cold, numb or paralyzed. Balances thinking in both halves of the brain. Supplies energy; reduces fever, swelling, nausea and diarrhea.

RHODOCHROSITE: Brings us a positive, enthusiastic attitude; encourages liveliness, eroticism; energizes and brings out the child within. Aids healing in the areas of circulation, blood pressure, kidneys, joint problems and eases migraines.

RHODONITE: Encourages forgiveness; brings love and passion into action, reduces emotional imbalance, gives self confidence, strengthens friendships, promotes serenity, solves conflicts, eases trauma and bestows spiritual maturity. Aids healing in the areas of the heart, lessens scars and helps with fertility problems.

RHYOLITE (LEOPARD SKIN JASPER): Strengthens our spiritual state, self-value and balance. Aids healing in the areas of skin disease, colds and influenza.

ROSE QUARTZ: Rose Quartz is the stone of "gentle love" bringing peacefulness and calm. It also promotes beauty, purification, recovery, angelic dreams, well being, self-love, self confidence, romance and sensuality. Aids healing in the areas of depression, blood circulation, heart fortification, sexual problems and encourages fertility.

RUBY: Increases life force, passion, vigor, commitment, healthy tension, enthusiasm, spontaneity and action. Aids healing in the areas of the spleen, intestinal infections and stimulates circulation.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: Gives us hope and spiritual greatness; a place to begin; mood lifter; develops visionary power and eases depression. Aids healing in the areas of the respiratory tract, lungs (bronchitis) and cell regeneration.

SAPPHIRE: Promotes straightforwardness, calmness and eases depression; bestows determination, faith, wisdom and knowledge. Aids healing in the areas of alleviating pain, reduces fever and promotes sobriety.

SARDONYX: Invigorating; promotes willpower, stability, abundance, confidence, hopeful attitude; overcomes sadness and brings joy. Aids healing in the areas of the sensory organs; regulates body fluids; immune system booster and helps cell metabolism.

SERPENTINE: Meditation stone. Develops inner peace, calms nervousness and stress; dispels negative energy and promotes peace. Aids healing in the areas of female complaints such as relieving cramps and menstrual pain. Also helps heart rhythm, kidney and stomach complaints. Regulates bowel problems.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Encourages tolerance, protection, grounding, relaxing and stress relief; meditation stone evokes effort and makes us able to cope with hard times. Aids healing in the areas of back problems, dissolves cramps, alleviates pain and fortifies the nerves.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Just like obsidian it provides spiritual protection; purifying; dissolves fear, shock, trauma, pain, tension and energy blocks. Balances us to allow us to find the truth within ourselves. Aids healing in the areas of blood circulation, even in extreme cases of hardening of the arteries; warming of the extremities and accelerates wound healing.

SODALITE: Enables the journey of the soul; promotes truthfulness, energy, awareness, insight, intuition, clarity, vision, cleansing, idealism; calms mind activity, teaches us to be rational and logical; eases guilt. Aids healing in the areas of throat afflictions, larynx and vocal chords. Also has a cooling effect. Lowers blood pressure.

SUGILITE: Helps dreams come true; relieves tension in the soul; eases sorrow and grief and helps overcome conflicts; develops inner truth; balances brain activity and reduces stress; serenity. Aids healing in the areas of epilepsy, dyslexia; alleviates pain and harmonizes nerves and the brain.

SUNSTONE: Promotes leadership, self-worth, good luck, optimism, desire for action; anti-depressant. Stimulates self-healing powers.

TIGER EYE: Promotes balance, strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making; vision and clarity. Aids healing in the areas of digestion and stomach problems; alleviates pain.

TOPAZ: Promotes wisdom, honesty, openness; encourages self-realization to make wishes come true. Bestows angelic dreams, awakening and positive. Aids Healing in the areas of stimulating energy flow, metabolism, nerves; helps with anorexia and other eating disorders.

TOURMALINE: Combines spirit, protection, soul, intellect and body into one harmonious whole. Bestows strength, creativity, inner truth, love, sensitivity, caring, purification, inner peace, commitment and helpfulness; dispels fears. Aids healing in the areas of stimulating activity in the glands, kidney, bladder; heals burns; aids constipation and diarrhea.

TURQUOISE: Promotes wholeness, peace of mind, loyalty, self expression and creativity. Good intuition and foresight; brings good luck; balances moods; enables spiritual grounding. Sacred stone to absorb negativity. Aids healing in the areas of neutralizing over acidity; heals stomach and gout problems, viral infections; creates warmth and relaxes cramps.

UNAKITE: Promotes balance of the emotional body, higher spirituality. Allows us to release past burdens and move ahead with life. Aids healing in the areas of the reproductive system, stimulating healthy pregnancies; enhances weight gain.

VARISCITE: Promotes truthfulness, spiritual awareness, communication and rational thinking; lifts our spirits. Aids healing in the areas of chronic tiredness, acid indigestion, ulcers and cramps. Also calms nerves.

ZIRCON: Enlightening; promotes clairvoyance; overcomes loss, fear and sadness; encourages lucid dreams. Aids healing in the areas of the liver and helps menstrual pain.



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